Tax Errors Happen When HMRC Is Not Picking Up

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It is an acknowledged fact that the taxpayers will most likely pay the correct tax amount if the HMRC is easy to deal with. This is in the light of the struggling customer service being experienced when dialing the HMRC contact number.

calculator_forms_1040Customer service levels have been so bad that they have been blamed for the poor tax collections lately. Being left in the dark, unassisted and ignored, are the common feedback from people who are calling about their tax questions, returns, PAYE slips and other financial documents.


Tax Return Errors

A prominent MP fears that because of this inefficiency, millions of UK people are making errors in their tax returns. People feel anxious that they might have been paying incorrect amounts because they cannot talk to someone behind the helpline phone number.

The same goes for the complicated tax system that people have been asking clarifications about. As online returns are important, so are the payer’s valid questions and problems that needed to be answered or resolved. The people need help and it appears as if HMRC is not listening.



From The Inside

A spokesperson from the Revenue office admitted that the inconsistencies in managing the call volume was causing quite a few frustrations but its impact does not creep into the collection of taxes. They have admitted that insofar as the customer level is concerned, yes they were being inconsistent. There were statements that more than 3,000 more staff has been trained to do something about improving the service levels.

By the looks of it, the increased number in the workforce can do its share in making sure a lot more of the call volume is attended too. How much better if they are attended to and helped right after. This will ensure that tax payers will feel a lot better after the call.


Automated Menu

1374817901_tax-fileThe use of a menu automation will effectively shorten the average length of call according to HMRC. They are saying that by putting this in place, it will help a lot in addressing the call management issues that they have been facing. This will be translating into an increase in the call handling capacity of the phone lines. This increase in call volume capacity is a marked improvement that they wouldn’t want to lose. They want to study the contribution it is making in the overall improvements so that they can enhance it further.

Although the agency has considered widening the spread help the representatives can provide for over the phones, this may result to underwhelming service to the clients they serve. The agents may become too overwhelmed by all the questions and tasks they need to do that they cannot focus on giving a great service and they may become too focused on finishing one call after another. HMRC said that extending the service will create a domino effect on other customers thus; the decision must be well studied and considered before it becomes final.

Louis Weir